Matt Damon on Education

Matt Damon has a special place in my heart. After all, he started by winning an Oscar for being an actor in the movie he wrote (I am not counting School Ties where he starred at a young age). I was shocked to hear on the radio on Wednesday,  he was speaking eloquently about education and the “problems” in this country.

Apparently Matt’s mom is a teacher. After making a speech at Save Our Schools, a rally to promote funding for education, in Washington DC, Damon was approached by a reporter for a Libertarian News Channel, Reason TV. She told him that he is motivated because as an actor he did not have job security. He then turned to her and (while exercising his vocabulary) informed her that the system itself is broken and that a teacher “wants to teach”. He asked, “Why else would they make **** wages?”

Now I couldn’t follow the L.A. Times opinion as they quoted teaching being an easy career and an easy A, then adding a link to an inspiring teacher story. No matter what you believe, for me it’s comforting to know that people are publicly stating that the test based incentive programs are not working.

Now if he had married a teacher instead of a model….

The comment chronicled by TMZ is here.

The rally video with speech is here.

Great article from USC here

The speech is transcribed here

What do you think?







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