Eventually you actually have to read and write…right?

Through the last few weeks I have come across articles talking about school being dull. Obama said in a press conference at the end of March that too much testing makes school boring. Today I came across an article in Parenting about why kids hate school.

My experience has led me to believe in April, everyone from Kindergarten to Ph.D, teachers to professors, are ready in some degree for school to be out. Second, I love technology, and embrace it for what I can, but eventually you have to read, interpret, and write about it. Sometimes it’s that simple, and there are few colors and pictures involved. We are all better people for the struggles we face daily. I have always made the best friends when times and conditions were not always ideal. I think it’s important to remember that our job as parents and teachers is to give our children open minds.

Adults and children need to learn to embrace each day as a learning experience (even if it is to learn who’s dating whom). I have been in some really dull classes, and can honestly say there were very few where I didn’t learn anything. Even when I had to copy countless notes from the overhead in 8th grade history, I at least learned how to write faster so I could talk to my friends. With an open mind, we become more tolerant and issues like bullying are less prevalent.

I tend to agree with the criticism of testing. It gets old. I am also speaking from the perspective of a day where I can’t sit down, lose the longer breaks, and can’t talk. I can also say I actually learned things from the reading selections when I took state testing as a student (I am not allowed to read the test as a testing administrator). But I’m the weirdo that likes reading!


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Hi there and welcome to my little piece of web. I am a wife, a step mom,mom, and a teacher among other things. I am addicted to school supplies and getting things for as little as possible. During July and August I spend Sundays coming the papers and stalking my local Staples trying to find items at prices that I can get over 120 of them. During the school year, this is a personal blog of educational interest. I am by no means an expert on education and child rearing, but through trial and error, I hope we can help each other out. Whether you are buying for one or one-hundred, kindergarten to college, I hope that my little web space can help you find something trendy or cheap to make back to school on any day easier.
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