Hard Work!

You know the old saying “When God closes a door he opens a window.” 2011 has been very drafty.

My husband lost his job (door) to find three jobs (windows). After a very hard Monday (door) we have two ice days (windows). Today another door, my husband was in a fender bender with another car (on that sheet of ice).He is fine; his car will be evaluated. I have yet to see the windows as my car was the next to be replaced, but I am sure I can keep you posted.

Since it has been freakishly cold for Texas, my dog has been in the house. When the baby cries, Shadow runs up to lick his face to “comfort”him. It’s funny until the baby starts screaming.  Shadow weighs somewhere around 100lbs and wants desperately to play ball outside.

Speaking of the baby, I will state again: I forgot I wasn’t in college anymore. Getting two hours of sleep because someone needs their midnight feeding is HARD WORK. Today with the dog and the fender bender, the baby wanted to be held all day. He is trying to sit up and gets terribly frustrated that those muscles haven’t developed. I have 40 essays to grade and frankly, I can’t because I have to hold a baby. I am a haggard mess when he finally slept at 2:30pm. He is terribly cute though.

I posted something on Facebook about reality TV. I even made a vlog with my webcam of me in my pajamas at 3pm. I really think if I added the teenager into the mix we would have rivaled Jon and Kate. The Vlog is for another time.


About schmeggo

Hi there and welcome to my little piece of web. I am a wife, a step mom,mom, and a teacher among other things. I am addicted to school supplies and getting things for as little as possible. During July and August I spend Sundays coming the papers and stalking my local Staples trying to find items at prices that I can get over 120 of them. During the school year, this is a personal blog of educational interest. I am by no means an expert on education and child rearing, but through trial and error, I hope we can help each other out. Whether you are buying for one or one-hundred, kindergarten to college, I hope that my little web space can help you find something trendy or cheap to make back to school on any day easier.
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