School Supply Sales 7/11-7/18

Big Week: The major suppliers have put up their ads.
NOTE: Mardel’s Teacher Appreciation Day is July 15th.

EDLP- Every Day Low Price, **pick up the ad in store there is a coupon

Product New Ads Also found at (Best price this year): Last year(09) best price
Filler paper 150 ct $.75 Target EDLP $0.20 Office Max
One Subject notebook $.10 Big Lots
Composition Book 70p 5/$1 Walgreens 7/11 (with extra coupon) $.25 Target (7/9)/ Wal-mart 7/11 $.25 CVS
Copy Paper $.01 Staples 7/11 (with rebate) $1.00 Office Depot 6/27 $.50 Staples
Generic Crayons 24pk $.20 Wal-Mart EDLP $.01 Office Depot
Rose Art Crayons 24pk $.50 Target 7/11 $.12 Wal-Mart
Crayola Crayons 24 pk $0.25 Wal-Mart 4/$1 Toys R Us 8/9
Crayola Markers $1 Walgreens 7/11 $0.99Walgreens 8/2
Rose Art Markers

Other Generic Markers

$.50 Target 7/11

$.49  Walgreens 7/11

$0.50 Target & Big Lots (7/12)
Colored Pencils (generic) $.49 Walgreens 7/11

$.50 Target 7/11 (rose art)

$.74 Wal-Mart EDLP $0.50 RoseArt Target
Colored Pencils (Crayola) $1.00 Wal-Mart
Folders 2 pocket with brads $.01 Staples (7/11) $.29 Office Depot (7/7/)

10/$1 CVS 7/11 (no brads)

$0.01 Staples
Free w/ rebate Office Depot 8/23
Pencils 10 pk
Mechanical Pencils
$.01 Staples (7/11) $.19 Walgreens 7/4 Free w/ Extra Bucks CVS 8/2$0.10 Office Max 8/9
Papermate Pens Free w/ Extra Bucks CVS 7/11 $1 Wal-Mart EDLP $ .50 Target
Bic Pens
Generic Pens
$.19 Walgreens 7/4 $0.30 Office Depot 8/30
Dry Erase Markers (Expo) $1.99 4pk Walgreens 7/11 $5 Full kit w/eraser and cleaner Staples (not Expo) $1.50/ 2 Wal-Mart
Scissors Free w/ Extra Bucks CVS 7/11 $0.25 Office Depot
Elmers Glue Stick
Generic Glue Stick
$0.25 / 2 Wal-Mart
$.79 Target
$.97 Target $0.20 Target
Three ring binders (floppy plastic) $0.50 Office Depot
Zipper bags $0.05 Office Depot
Mini- stapler Free CVS
Handheld pencil sharpener $.29 Walgreens 7/11 ** $0.10 Office Depot
Cap erasers 10 ct $.79 Staples EDLP Free w/ $10 Purchase Office Depot
Compass Free w/ Extra Bucks CVS
Slide school boxes $0.25 Staples
Plastic school boxes $1 Walmart/ Staples EDLP Free w/ Extra Bucks CVS
Rulers $.27 Target EDLP Free Office Depot
Glue $0.25 (Wal-Mart) Free w/ Extra Bucks CVS
Index Cards $0.39 Walgreens 7/11** $0.25 Staples
Pink Erasers (2pk) Free w/ Extra Bucks CVS
Book Covers $.50 Wal-Mart EDLP *Free w/ Extra Bucks CVS
Other Deals
Sharpie multicolored Fine Point pack $4.99
Avery Binders 25% off
Free 12pk Mr. Sketch Markers,Light Touch Stapler (both with rebate)
$1 Sheet protectors
Buy 2 get 1 free Avery Binders, Fasteners, Scissors,
$3 12 pk Sharpies
Coupons for 25% off
Binders buy 2 get 1 free
$5 3 hole punch
Free Lunch kit w/ Backpack (through July 25th)
HP Printer/ Scanner/Copier $39.99 (July 25th)
Locker stuff, fashion items, and basics are Buy One Get 50% off (July 25th)
Crayola Markers/ Crayons BOGO (July 11-18)
$3.99 Sharpie 12 pk
2/$3 Uniball pens
$.09 Novelties (pencils, mini highlighters) **
$3 storage crates

About schmeggo

Hi there and welcome to my little piece of web. I am a wife, a step mom,mom, and a teacher among other things. I am addicted to school supplies and getting things for as little as possible. During July and August I spend Sundays coming the papers and stalking my local Staples trying to find items at prices that I can get over 120 of them. During the school year, this is a personal blog of educational interest. I am by no means an expert on education and child rearing, but through trial and error, I hope we can help each other out. Whether you are buying for one or one-hundred, kindergarten to college, I hope that my little web space can help you find something trendy or cheap to make back to school on any day easier.
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